The Road Ahead

Nov 16

What’s happening …

To my friends and workmates,

I’ve been lucky so far - it’s been 4 years since I was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. There’s been 4 tough operations, 2 x 6-month stints of chemo and the hassle of becoming a type 1 diabetic. After getting the all-clear on heaps of ct scans, I finally got the news I had been dreading … there’s a 1.5cm tumour in my liver.

I was told that the chance of getting to the 5-year mark was 5% and that it would most likely come back in lungs, liver or bowel. But I’d got this far and was hanging on to the hope I’d be one of the lucky 5%!

My surgeon has concluded that there is nothing he can do and has passed me back to the oncologist. First appt next Wednesday.

Obvious question is how long will I have … what will the journey be like … can he keep it at bay for awhile.

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